The Gift 


Media Installation 

91 x 48 x 63”

Found objects, wood, wallpaper, linoleum tile,  medicine cabinet, enamel

sink, digital video projections, galvanized steel pipe

The Gift is a reconstruction of a domestic washing space that incorporates video projection. The interior and exterior of an architectural segment are visible. The exterior wall and an accompanying elevated sink that face the viewer are constructed of soiled and rusted found materials that gesture at history and innocence lost. Inside the cabinet hangs a small handmade doll’s dress. The dress glows from the light of the video projector, implying an energetic and spiritual transcendence. Hide-able and easily locked shamefully away in the cabinet, the dress illuminates as an act of defiance against violation and invisibility. Projected video content is drawn from nature, both layered and collaged. Flowers overlay grasses and clovers. An expeditious garden spider moves gracefully over the surface of the fabric. The mother spider here protects the innocent form, vigilantly safeguarding her future offspring and mending the frayed edges of home.