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From 2013-18, LoCo Arts 501c3 programs used creative education and research practices to empower hands-on experiences that cultivate resilience and action through synthesis of artistry, self and community. Programs were largely sited in the historic Newport Community Center in Giles County, Virginia.

Summer programs for youth included an annual two-week Shakespeare Camp for young adults, Theater Arts Camp for Kids (ages 8-12), Dance Explorers: A moving start (ages 4-7), The Art of Science: A natural curiosity (ages 4-7 & 8-12), Excuse our Mess: Art experience (ages 4-7), Dance Lab: Dances from Scratch (ages 8-12 & 13-18), Drawing from Literature: Inspired by books (ages 8-12), What’s Your Medium? Find your art (ages 8-12), Beyond Sudoku: Japanese puzzles (ages 10-14), World Culture: Stories, art, and food (ages 10-14), Playwriting (ages 13-18), Drawing 101 (ages 13-17), Creative Collaboration I &II (ages 13-17), Drawing and Watercolor Painting (ages 5-8 and 9-12), and Mountain Makers (ages 8-12). 

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